What it's like to rediscover musical treasures from the past

Sure, I could bore you with an outlook on the records I look forward to in 2019. But I'd rather not. Instead, let's talk about Amorphis. In a minute. But first some exposition. Music has been an important part of my life since I fell in love with the guitar riff from Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water" at age eleven. Even though I played the violin for quite a few years and was member of an orchestra, I was a devoted metal-head in my late teens and early twens. Amorphis were one of the bands I counted among my favorites. I loved the Death Metal classic "Tales from a Thousand Lakes", but I also enjoyed the more laid-back records like "Elegy" and "Tuonela". But shortly after the latter one, I moved on to punkrock and indie music, not really keeping up with the metal scene. Bands like Blind Guardian no longer were on my radar, and in 2003 I switched from the Rock Hard magazine to Visions because I got more and more into Alternative and Indie stuff.

But with trend cycles spinning ever faster, I recenly noticed that I actually don't give a damn about musical fads. It's much more rewarding to rediscover bands that I've lost track of. I can listen to Frank Turner, The Strokes and Iron Maiden within an hour and the music speaks to me in different ways.

It was at a public library over a year ago that I stumbled upon the 2015 record "Under the Red Cloud" by Amorphis. The cover appealed to me and I borrowed it. At home, the title track stunned me with its epic mix of death growls and that anthemic feeling. I recently bought the tour edition of the album, which not only includes the superb bonus track "Come the Spring", but also an outstanding live performance captured on CD. "Queen of Time" made it on my top ten record list 2018.

But there's still a lot to discover! I love it because I can now explore seven albums that I missed out on, from "Am Universum" and "Far from the Sun" to "Skyforger" to "Circles".

I'm excited to delve into songs like "The Wanderer":


 I'm amazed by pieces like "Silver Bride":

I'm lucky to listen to songs like "You I Need". Better late than never!