"Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy": Q&A with The See See

The See See have made an amazing record with this piece of music called "Fountayne Mountain". Tinnitus Attacks had a few questions for the band. So here's our little Q&A with The See See. I have a sneaking suspicion that not all answers are to be taken seriously... Have fun. 

Tinnitus Attacks: Tell us a bit about the band – how it all started and how you became the band that you are now. 

The See See: Richard met Pete, Kev, Paulie, Phil, Sam and Ben.

Tinnitus Attacks: You come from four different countries. How does that affect the band? Does it? 

The See See: We reflect the best thing about London, in that it takes the best parts of everything around the world.  England is an island of foreigners anyway.

Tinnitus Attacks: On „Fountayne Mountain“, the 60ies come back to life. What is so fascinating about that decade that it is influential for you? 

The See See: As a band we unite over a love of melody, and the 60s just keep on giving in that regard.  While there are plenty of great moments in subsequent decades, the 60s has that romantic haze over it, which is why people keep putting silly filters on their pictures to make them look older.

Tinnitus Attacks: Many people think of the 60ies as a time of hope and change – things that we would need today. How much 60ies spirit is there left in this world?

The See See: There are those who want to help others (good), and those who want to help themselves (evil). As long as there is always hope, the good will win eventually. At least that’s what we think.

Tinnitus Attacks: Streaming and downloads – the music industry today is getting more and more digital. How do you prefer your music? 

The See See: Vinyl rules, but digital is so convenient.

Tinnitus Attacks: Where do you draw inspiration from? Books, movies? 

The See See: Books, movies and each other. Mainly Guns n Roses Biographies and Lewis Carroll.

Tinnitus Attacks: Which musicians have influences you? 

The See See: Too many.  Anyone with a love of  melody and soul, like: Arthur Lee, Parliament, Funkadelic, The Everly Brothers, Dungen, Fairport Convention, King Tubby, Silverbullit, The Turtles, Kaleidoscope, Sam Cooke, Spacemen 3, Voice of Seven Woods, Hush Arbors, Phyllis Dillon, Santo & Johnny, Cate Le Bon, By The Sea, Ride, Lee Perry, The Pupils, Pete Greenwood, West Coast Pop art Experimental Band, Gene Clark, Olivia Tremor Control, The Sunshine Fix.

Tinnitus Attacks: What do the band members in The See See do for a living?

The See See: Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy.

Tinnitus Attacks: You released your second album. What's next? 

The See See: We’re going to shelve our third album and make our fourth.

Tinnitus Attacks: Will we be seeing you on tour in Germany this year or the next? 

The See See: THIS YEAR. See below:
Oct 17th - Tsunami Club - Cologne
Oct 18th - Goldmarks - Stuttgart
Oct 19th - Augsburg - Schwartzen Schaf
Oct 20th - Munich - Atomic Cafe
Oct 21st - Bensheim - McSlobos