Interview: The Movement answer Tinnitus Attacks' questions

The Movement are back - and they're not planning to leave us again. In September, Lukas Sherfey and his two sidekicks will relase their new album "Fools Like You". Lukas took his time to answer the questions that Daniel Drescher of Tinnitus Attacks asked him. A chat about the past, present - and why the band's name has to be taken literally at some point. 

Tinnitus Attacks: Your fans love you for the mixture of political slogans and personal songs. What can your supporters expect from the upcoming album?

Lukas Sherfey: The same! On this album we have 5 political/critical songs and 5 personal/love songs.
I like to mix it a bit, we're not only a political band, we are everything we want to be.

Tinnitus Attacks: The Movement had split up 2007, you put out a solo record, then 2010 the new start. When did you decide that it was time to start The Movement again? Why with new musicians?

Lukas Sherfey (git) and drummer Kasper Rasmussen.
                                                         Fotos: Daniel Drescher
Lukas: I decided to start again after a solo show when I played as a 3-piece band and we played a lot of Movement songs. Then I thought why not call it the Movement again, I was ready for it! It has always been my band and me who wrote the music. The reason with the change in the band was that I played with new guys so it would be strange to kick them out. To be honest the Movement is me, the solo stuff was just to try some other stuff, that's why I called it Soul Vacation.

Tinnitus Attacks: How has the „reboot“ of The Movement changed the songwriting process? Are your band members involved in it?

Lukas: Not really. But this time we recorded the album at the drummers place, and he mixed the album too so we were much more involved in the arranging process. And this time we agreed to make a new album every year from now!

Tinnitus Attacks: How did your musical career start? Do you remember your first guitar/band or whatever?

Lukas: I lived on a boarding school when I was a kid, and music was a great way to escape. My Rickenbacker is my first real guitar, and I don't have any other electric guitar. I only have one. I have played with a few bands when I was younger in the beginning only as guitarist.

Lukas Sherfey says there will be a
new album every year. 
Tinnitus Attacks: For a band that's so critical about social and economical injustice: What do you think of the Occupy movement? 

Lukas: I think it's a great movement, something that we support! I hope this economical crises can bring more people together.

Tinnitus Attacks: Your names suggests that standing still is not what you want. Where would you like to see movement, development concerning politics or economics?

Lukas: Yes that's right! My plan is to start a real movement one day, specially in East Germany. I hope with this record we can get more around to new countries.

Tinnitus Attacks: Some musicians say music and politics don't mix. You're obviously of the opposite opinion. What can musicians - there we have the word - move?

Lukas: Music is part of the cultural struggle and therefore very important, but of cause music can't change anything in it self. We can make some inspiration and we can help people who are doing something good!

Tinnitus Attacks: You're touring a lot. How do you kill time between shows? Do you like being on the road?

Lukas Sherfey and bassplayer Chanda Chodavarapu.
Lukas: Yes I like to be on the road! And I like to be home and do absolute nothing! When we are touring we're drinking a lot of cause! We like to go to record shops and vine shops. The days looks the same in a way, but we're not in our own country (we only play in Denmark for political stuff and in Copenhagen) so we are always in different countries which is great because of all the specialities in Europe, the people the food the landscape and so on.

Tinnitus Attacks: What was the last book you read? What was the last movie you saw?

Lukas: The last book was by The Invisible Committee, the next uprising. It's about the uprising in France a few years ago. Last film was yesterday and it was The Dictator with the Borat guy.

Tinnitus Attacks: Thanks for taking your time! 

Interview by Daniel Drescher. All rights reserved. Photos taken by Daniel Drescher in Winterthur, October 2011. More pics here.
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