Record Review: Tim Presley's White Fence - I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk

Now who would call a record "I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk"? Tim Presley does and the album he released with his Band White Fence is as unique as you would guess just by seeing its title. The singer and songwriter moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco recently. And if you listen to it, you cartainly feel Californian vibes. It feels like stepping into a jam session of the the Beach Boys and Beck - sprinkled with Fleet Foxes (they're from Seattle, but just imagine they did a road trip to the west coast). Dotty piano sounds and ethereal vocals melt into an other-worldly listening experience. Captivating and eerie at the same time. If you want to be reminded what "psychedelic" means, these 14 songs should do the trick.

For this record, Tim Presley, who played in hardcore punk bands in the beginning of his career and recorded with musicians like Ty Segall, teamed up with musicians like Jeremy Harris (piano) and Dylan Hadley (drums). Songs like "I Saw Snow Today" seem to vanish into haze when you stretch out your hand to get a grasp of their musical essence. "Indisposed" dazzles you with electronic splashes while "Forever Chained" flaunts a Rock'n'Roll style piano. When you make it to the end of the record and you think you've experienced the whole loveable awkwardness of the record, there come the two songs "Harm Reduction (A: Morning)" and "Harm Reduction (B: Street & Inside Mind"). They take you on a 15 minute trip full of weird keyboard sounds.

It's certainly not an album that comes easy, you'll have to take the time and explore its unconventional beauty. But it's worth it. Just let it play when friends are around and you'll be asked the famous "Wow, what's that?" for sure.

"I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk" by Tim Presley's White Fence was published via Drag City Records on January 25th. Here you can see the video for the title track: