Interview with Neal Morse: New records by Transatlantic and Flying Colors coming up

The good news first: Transatlantic want to put out a new record in 2020. That's what Neal Morse - Progressive Rock hero, born again Christian, former singer of Spock's Beard - told me in an interview. The Progrock-Supergroup consisting of Morse, Roine Stolt, Mike Portnoy and Pete  Trewavas released "Kaleidoscope" in 2014, so fans are longing for new songs. The same goes for Flying Colors, the other Progrock-Supergroup in which Neal Morse and Mike Portnoy partake. They want to publish a new album later this year.

We talked about a lot of other things, first and foremost the new album "The Great Adventure" by The Neal Morse Band. If you want to read my interview, just click on the picture. There's a catch though: It's in German because the interview was published last saturday in the "Schwäbische Zeitung", the newspaper I work for.