Canadian Music Discoveries From My Time in Winnipeg

With my three-month stay in Winnipeg coming to an end, I'll let you in on three records that I discovered while I was here - and that I maybe would have missed out on if I hadn't seen some concerts here. 

Seas - Cursed 

I was utterly amazed when Chris Hughes and his band entered the stage at the Park Theatre where they opened for the Flatliners. My euphoria for the band from Toronto - that I did not know before -  was deeply fanned by the fact that I couldn't quite put my finger on the musical style. The five musicians describe themselves as "Indie rock space noise," so no wonder I had a hard time labelling their sound. It was obligatory to buy their current album "Cursed" which they published on CD, Vinyl and Tape (I bought the latter one at the merch table). Now that I listened to it a few times I still haven't figured it all out, but there are mighty guitars, there are shoegaze-dreamy soundscapes, there is the haunting voice of Chris and overwhelming melancholy that fits my travel nerves perfectly.

Christine Fellows - Roses On The Vine

Christine Fellows and John K Samson performed at the Good Will Social Club and it was so good to see them both there. The evening was dedicated to Fellows' new release "Roses On The Vine" and I found myself drawn into the musical sphere of the Winnipeg based singer. When you see her partner John K Samson as the poet who is turning his poems into music, Christine is more of a storyteller. Her new album is full of narrative gems, for example the frienship tale "Me and Carmen." Fragile and experimental indie sounds make this record an amazing trip into a musical world full of acoustic guitars, cello sounds, and the crystal clear voice of Christine Fellows.

Dead Soft - New Emotion

Dead Soft opened for The Dirty Nil at the Good Will Social Club and they fit perfectly. Their sound reminded me of Nada Surf because they perfectly mixed punchy guitars with catchy melodies. Their new EP "New Emotion" is brimful with excellent songs like "Kill Me" or "Proof" that resonate with me still because of their lyrics. I will have to listen to all the other stuff that the Vancouver based band has already published because I did not know them before the gig. But that's the cool thing about concerts. You might go there for the main band but discover sounds that are new and will enrichen your record shelf from there on.