Record Review: Adam Angst - Neintology

German punkrockers Adam Angst deliver an astounding snapshot of the current state of things in Germany with their second full-length album "Neintology." While it was not a given that the impressive self-titled debut from 2015 would get a follow-up, it's obvious that there's no shortage of topics to ponder.

But before they do that, the band needs to get something out of the way in the opener "Punk" (after a short intro): The credibility of the band has been questioned by fans who blame Felix Schönfuss of selling out. These fans favor Felix' two pre-Adam-Angst-bands Escapado and Frau Potz. So it's certainly provocative of the band to start with the song "Punk," that's intended to shoot down the criticism with loads of irony: "Frau Potz wurde ermordet für ne Boyband mit Tattoos", Felix Schönfuss sings, which translates: "Frau Potz was murdered for a boyband with tattoos." The song also questions the self-concept of the punk scene as a whole - insinuating that the seemingly progressive scene can be rather conservative when it comes to the musicians they idolize.

The record focusses on the rise of right-wing populism in Germany with the songs "D.I.N.N.", "Physik," and "Blase aus Beton", and the latter also warns of the effects of living in a filter bubble while the intro riffing pays homage to German indierockers Blackmail. "Alle sprechen deutsch" aims at racism and double standards by ridiculing a guy who goes on vacation in Turkey but only because there are so many Germans there. "Damit ich schlafen kann" deals with depression and anxiety, while "Alexa" is a skeptical comment on smart technology invading our privacy. And while alien invasions usually take place in megacities like New York in the movies, the song "Immer noch" transplants this scenario to a small German town near Wuppertal - where the visitors from outer space are not exactly welcome.

While the band seemed to criticize organized religion with their debut album, the title "Neintology" (and also some videoclips) makes fun of sectarian organizations. Musically speaking, the album is deeply rooted in punkrock, while "Kriegsgebiet" reminds of the "Frau Potz"-Era of singer Felix Schönfuss with his frantic emo-style screams. When he sings  though, Felix sounds a bit like Farin Urlaub, the singer of one of the biggest German punkrock bands, Die Ärzte. He also seems to draw inspiration from the solo works of the tall blond guy. There's worse influences.

I posted a (german) newspaper story I wrote about Adam Angst and their debut album in 2015. Follow this link to read it.

"Neintology" by Adam Angst was released via Grand Hotel van Cleef on September, 28th. Check out the official facebook page and watch the video for "Alexa" here: