Pascow tease new record in fresh video clip

If I had to name the best punkrock band in Germany right now, I'd have to say Pascow. In my opinion, the band from the little town of Gimbweiler (in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz) are topnotch when it comes to shredding guitars and angry vocals. With the new video for "Silberblick & Scherenhände", the four-piece is teasing their new album "Jade" which will be released on January 25th. The song features guest vocals by the German songwriter Frau Wolf which brings a new touch to the characteristic sound of the band. Fans are waiting for a new record with anticipation, as the fantastic "Diene der Party" was released in 2014. I did an interview with the band in June 2015, so if you want to practice your langugage skills in German, here you go.